Antwerp - Antwerp

Antwerp-Castles-Biking (60 km)


On this cycle trip starting at the Grote Markt in Antwerp we discover the historical city of Antwerp, but also the nature and nice castels in and around Antwerp.

Het Steen is an historic medieval castle in the old city center of Antwerp

In 1890 ‘Het Steen’ became the museum of archeology and in 1952 an annex was added to house the museum of the Antwerp maritime history. Here you’ll also find a war memorial to the Canadian soldiers in WWII.

The Rivierenhof Park in Deurne. With its 130 ha this park is one of the green lungs of Antwerp. The castle is the perfect place for art exhibitions.

On our road we discover more nice castels.


Grote Markt, Antwerp